Relections at Llandudno

A perfect evening at Llandudno Beach completes Week 11 of 2017.

Dexter's Lab

This week’s challenge was to show a subject in their natural habitat. Well, this is Dexter. He’s the Pipeline Supervisor at work and is the glue that holds everything together. His office is a fort made of LCD monitors.


Children from a nearby township sing and dance to raise money. Tourists and locals alike are captivated by their energy, as the late afternoon sun casts their shadows across the car-park.


This week’s photo is an uncomplicated shot of my favourite view in the world. This is Kommetjie. It’s where I spent the first 22 years of my life. This week’s challenge was to shoot a panoramic landscape. I (well, Lightroom) stitched together three individual shots to create this image.


I’ve been taking an Uber to and from work this week. I’ve made small talk with a lot of drivers. The conversation usually follows the same pattern: A greeting. Some pleasantries or a comment about the weather. A brief conversation about Uber itself. And then its out the car, and they’re off.

This week’s theme was Faceless – “tell someone’s story without showing their face”. I was struck by the transient relationships we set up and tear down each day as we move through the world. These Uber drivers have been my lifeline this week, and yet I don’t remember their name – or face – within 10 minutes of meeting them.