Hello, I’m Tim Keller. I’m an Animation Producer and former Software Development Engineer. I live in Cape Town with my wife, two kids, and two beagles.

I work at Sunrise Productions in beautiful Noordhoek, Cape Town. I’ve helped produce shows like Team Jay, Jungle Beat, The Explorers, and Munki and Trunk. I’ve just finished producing my first feature film, Jungle Beat: The Movie.

My background is in Computer Science, completing a Bachelor of Science in CompSci and Psychology at UCT. I spent several years working as a developer, then as a development manager, before moving into animation.

I’ve had a life-long passion for technology, media and the creative arts. I’m an avid photographer and love travelling the world in search of visual inspiration. Animation sits squarely at the intersection of these passions – and I still can’t believe I get to make cartoons for a living.


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