Having taken a detour via Edinburgh, we arrived long after dark... and rather hungry. Our guest house (booked on the drive via TripAdvisor) was High Fold Guest House and we highly recommend it. The owner recommended that rather than driving, we just walk up the road to The Inn for some dinner.

I'd forgotten what it was like to walk outdoors in the pitch dark of night. I live in a city of street lights and well-lit houses. Out here it was just us, a winding village road, and the stars above us. Cold, but spectacular. We found The Inn, enjoyed two delicious burgers, and knocked-back a Guinness – rather proud of our day's achievements.

The next morning dawned and out our window... well, this:


We took a drive into the quaint town of Ambleside and visited the little house on the bridge.


From there we drove down to Bowness where we spent much of the day.

Lake Windermere

Our exploration of Bowness lead to a walk along the shore of Lake Windermere where we discovered some boats for hire.

We rented Red Boat number 30, clipped on our life-jackets (British Health and Safety, of course) and set sail. There is just something unmistakably perfect about piloting your own little boat around the largest lake in the Lake District.

Exploring the surrounds

After lunch, we jumped back in the car and set off into the countryside in search of interesting photographs. And – as one does in these parts – we found a castle.

Encouraged by this discovery, we decided to continue our adventure into the wild... heading towards Hardknott Pass.