This week’s photo is an uncomplicated shot of my favourite view in the world. This is Kommetjie. It’s where I spent the first 22 years of my life. This week’s challenge was to shoot a panoramic landscape. I (well, Lightroom) stitched together three individual shots to create this image.


I’ve been taking an Uber to and from work this week. I’ve made small talk with a lot of drivers. The conversation usually follows the same pattern: A greeting. Some pleasantries or a comment about the weather. A brief conversation about Uber itself. And then its out the car, and they’re off.

This week’s theme was Faceless – “tell someone’s story without showing their face”. I was struck by the transient relationships we set up and tear down each day as we move through the world. These Uber drivers have been my lifeline this week, and yet I don’t remember their name – or face – within 10 minutes of meeting them.


This week’s theme was Candy. Now I don’t tend to have a sweet tooth… but Turkish Delight is my guilty pleasure.

I had such fun taking this week’s photo using the Godox Diffusion Box from ORMS. It’s affordable and provides a super portable space for product photography at home.

Berg River Dam

The Western Cape’s dams are at 38%. Levels are falling at around 1.5% per week as the region enters the hot months of February and March.

This week’s theme is Black and White Landscape. I took a drive to Franschoek to shoot the Berg River Dam. It fell below 50% last week. Along with four other dams, it supplies Cape Town with water for residential, industrial and agriculture purposes. We’re already at Level 3 “B” water restrictions. Unless something changes soon, we’re in trouble.

Babychino Portrait

We were in London this week for Amy and my father to attend the Apple Education leadership series. Ben and I took Granny to breakfast on her birthday. Here’s a post-babychino Benjamin in a Coppa Club pod on the Thames.